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Mission Statement

Guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and inspired by the Holy Spirit, the mission of Appalachian Outreach is to help relieve the burden of poverty and the loss of dignity suffered by the people of Appalachia who, through no fault of their own, struggle to meet the basic needs of daily life.

We continually look for contacts in counties where accessibility and opportunity are limited and other charitable agencies are lacking or struggle to meet local need. We also look for contacts locally that will support the mission of Appalachian Outreach, therefore building a network where the dignity of all is respected and the love of God is proclaimed through prayer, word, and deed.

Board of Directors

Executive director Rose Hart
Co-founder Diane Reineke
President Wayne Hardy
Secretary Melinda Thompson
Treasurer Debbie Michaels
Members Cheryl Coffield
Jodi Cunningham
Debra Duymich
Jodi Zusack
Ex officio Terry Grimes

Advisory Board Members

  • Sr. Theresa Carew
  • Kathy Carter
  • Barb Dickens
  • Fred Kellerman
  • Scarlet Kellerman
  • Annie Owens
  • Kathy Smith
  • Arnold Simonse
  • Debbie Stewart